Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Warehouse operation plays a vital role in every industry. It is a challenging job and should be done by the professionals. RVC Supply Chain has been one of the most trusted names in third party logistics services in Pune. Our 3PL logistics in Pune offers assistance all over India. We know how challenging this job is and providing a quality service is the only solution.

Our Approach

  • Right man at the right place Handling a big warehouse is no easy job. It must be done by trained workforce. RVC places the skilled employees in these positions. They are well trained in our training facilities, which are spread across the country. An in-house training designed after extensive industry-research is imparted periodically to enable them performs their job with precision.
  • Managing warehouse When it comes to big industries which have warehouses in enormous size, its handling and operation becomes tedious. Numbers of activities are executed in warehouse from packaging to storing, from loading to unloading etc. RVC offers a trained workforce capable enough to handle the huge warehouses along with offering end-to-end warehouse operating solution. This helps industry to concentrate in their core areas by handing over major supporting functions like incoming stores, finished goods packaging, warehouse and dispatch to the expert hands of RVC.
  • Techno-savvy workforce Handling big warehouses and that too manually? Performing lengthy paperwork? Not anymore. The candidates we provide are trained with sufficient knowledge of new technology. They are capable of handling necessary technologies, software, barcode machines and many more. We ensure that the team performs as per the company’s defined process and requirements.
  • They handle everything Yes. They handle everything. Our employees are not just tech-savvy but they also handle the meticulous job of audit. We provide the warehouse audit with detailed and error-free reports. We also offer related MIS to top officials as per the specific need of the industry.
  • No shortage of workforce RVC has its training facilities across India where we train a large number of workforces, which is ready to step into industry. We have the best logistics and management experts who train them at our state of the art training facility. The 3PL logistics services require larger labor at any time. RVC provides that skilled workforce in any part of India.
  • More than warehouse management It is not only about warehouse management, but also something more than that. We provide an additional service of logistics to your warehouse too. With RVC handling both packaging and transportation, you need not invest extra time in that and your work will be easier. Our professional and expert team ensures that the job is error-free and quicker as we handle both packaging and logistics.
Your warehouse needs special attention and quality service. RVC provides one of the best 3PL services in India with our Pune based headquarters. Our team with its expertise in warehouse management and logistics proves to be the perfect choice for your business requirements. You can focus on your core business forte while we handle the warehouse activities for you. Contact us today to know more about how we can help you.
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